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Small and Large Scale Multi-Step Organic Synthesis

To help our partners in their drug discovery and chemical development efforts Purechems offers synthesis of intermediates, flavor and steroid compounds. Typical projects are research oriented and require a multi-step organic synthesis. We have the ability to exercise an existing synthesis, or design a new synthesis when there is no developed chemical plan. We work quickly and efficiently while maintaining full confidentiality regarding our clients' intellectual property.

Please contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Scale Up

We will help transfer your pharmaceutical processes from laboratory scale to the pilot plant and production scale by identifying faster and cheaper synthetic paths and intermediates.

Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery

Our expert scientists are available to help:

  • design a narrow set of analogs based on SAR analysis, safety, chemical purity, in vitro potency, in vivo efficacy, pharmacokinetic and ADME-Tox profile
  • synthesize libraries of analogs
  • optimize synthetic routes for scale up to support pre-clinical leads

Academic Discovery Programs

We at Purechems have a strong belief in the need for fundamental research and a great desire to support the advancement of science. To this end we have developed two programs tailored to meet the custom synthesis needs of researchers in academic institutions, research centers and university supported business incubators.

Academic Custom Synthesis Services

Purechems employs an international team of Ph.D. chemists who have decades of organic synthesis experience in both industrial and academic settings. Our experts can:

  • Synthesize known intermediates quickly and efficiently
  • Design new synthetic routes to create custom molecules
  • Run feasibility studies to determine the viability of synthetic routes
  • Perform comprehensive literature surveys

Through the Academic Custom Synthesis Services program and as a way of supporting fundamental research, Purechems can offer academic scientists a 20% discount off our already low price.

 Academic Discovery Partnership

This program is specifically designed for Principle Investigators in applied research areas, such as drug discovery, who are looking for long-term collaborations. We will work closely with you to learn and understand your research. With this knowledge we will help develop research strategy, set realistic milestones, and take part in the writing of grants and proposals. Benefits of working with us include:

  • Highly reduced FTE rate
  • At least one full-time chemist will be devoted to your research
  • Responsiveness and flexibility to changes in research direction
  • Flexible contract timescales

Please contact us to learn more about our Academic Programs. We will arrange an appointment with one of our knowledgeable business development managers.

Our team, expertise, facility and capacity will ensure the cooperation smooth and satisfactory.

  • Unbeatable price, short lead time and high quality.
  • Copies of original LC/MS/NMR spectra of final products will be provided.
  • Product purity is set to 90%~99.5%.
  • Special packing and labeling regulations may be consulted.

Contact us at sales@purechems.com for any inquiry.